1 Minute Monologue Contest

Do you love to challenge yourself? I do. Maybe that’s why I became an actor. I recently participated in a 1 minute monologue contest. The rules were you have one minute, from when you enter the room, to perform a monologue in front of a room of industry professionals. The trick is it had to be only 1 minute from start to finish. Wow, talk about a challenge. I heard about this event and loved that it got my stomach pumping. So, I signed up a few days before the event was held. I arrived at Hollywood Film and immediately witnessed actors anxiously awaiting for their turn to enter the big secret room…lol My number was 56. Can you imagine listening to 56 monologues. The judges had been there since around 11am and it was close to 4:30 now. It didn’t matter because I was there to see if I could take what I think is a really funny monologue and perform it an under a minute, while also holding for laughs…hopefully.

It was a terrific learning experience. I’m so glad I pushed myself to do it. I learned a bunch that day and I got to do what I love to do.