Meet Robyn

Barbara can you hear me?

Robyn was born and raised in Long Island, NY. She was performing since she learned to speak. Her older sister would listen to Barbara Streisand music while she babysat Robyn. To everyone’s shock before Robyn could really speak one day she burst out singing all the words to “Evergreen”. Her family knew they had a performer on their hands. Robyn could often be found gathering her friends and family to put on talent shows.


Miss Pepto was her nameo!

Robyn was ‘stung’ the moment she landed a role in a school play called “Hospital”. She was on cloud nine. Her characters name was Miss Pepto. Robyn was so excited to add her flavor of comedy to this already comedic production. She went and purchased a bright pink top and white pants. The director loved it and Robyn loved the reaction from the audience. In school she would let everyone know of her plans for the future that included her being an Actress living in Los Angeles.


Study, School, Audition andPSYCHICS??

Robyn spent the next 10 years studying and learning everything she could about acting and theatre. She received her BA in Theatre Arts while performing in as many theatres and shows as she could. Robyn knew acting was a gift she had. Apparently, so did a few psychics. Two random people who never knew Robyn, in fact one never met Robyn – she met her mother, took it upon themselves to talk to Robyn about her life. These strangers told almost the identical fate that Robyn’s future held. These ‘readings’ were years apart. What is fascinating is neither of the strangers knew each other either but almost word for word told of the same destiny. To get the detailed story ask Robyn it is quite remarkable and memorable.

Hollyweird, Here she comes.

Robyn moved out to Los Angeles armed with hope (and the information from the two psychics) to take LA by storm. She is having a blast living her dream. She took two years to study improvisation at The Second City Studio Theatre where she was able to get her comedy fill. Robyn has appeared in such shows as “Oliver Beene”, “8 Simple Rules”, “Strong Medicine”, plus numerous others. She can currently been seen in the films “Surviving Eden” directed by Greg Pritikin and “Shut Up and Kiss Me”.